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we ABSOLUTELY love about the walper hotel

As preferred vendors for the Walper for over 2 years and counting now we feel like we can speak confidently to why this venue is perfect for you and the wedding you have dreamed of. If you have already booked them for your wedding CONGRATULATIONS!

So let's jump right in, and buckle up for some extra insights as to why this place so incredibly special and why you should reach out to them to book this magical venue.

The Walper Hotel is honestly a dream venue.

We have been so lucky to work closely with the Walper over the years and wanted to share our top 5 things every couple should know and love about The Walper.

Number 1

The staff at The Walper are industry leading. This is something you will notice from the moment you enter the building. From the front desk to the back of house, the love, joe and care they bring to everything they do honestly cannot be beat.

When you work with the wedding team at the Walper we can confidently say you are in good hands! They will be with you every step of the way, but more so take care of details both big and small!

You and your guests will leave feeling like they are part of the Walper Hotel family.

The Staff

Number 2

When you having your wedding at the Walper you can have your entire wedding under one roof.

Gone are the days of traveling from Getting Ready, to the ceremony location, then lastly to the reception venue. How amazing is that! Not just for planning and the two of you, but for your family & friends. No one will have to travel very far or stand for long periods of time, but still be apart of all the wedding magic.

From a photography standpoint, the lack of travel allows for more photo time, but also can also mean that instead of an 10 hour wedding coverage package you will only need 8.

One Stop shop

Number 3

Need we say more? Time and time again we have heard from couples when we chat over coffee about how much they want their fur babies to have some part in their wedding day. Good news, with the Walper Hotel this 100% possible and without any hassle!

When you host your wedding at the Walper you no longer need to worry about the logistics of including your furry family member in the day (for the most part). What you will want is a pet friendly room, and to plan times to sneak away to visit them, let them out and give them all the snuggles when they are not with you at the wedding! This is only ever a short elevator ride away to do so!

Pet Friendly

Number 4

Hosting your wedding at the Walper Hotel means the worry of the weather for your wedding day is gone. Rain or shine you are good to go, and no need for a Rainy Weather Backup Plan.

With the variety of indoor locations available you can get stunning photos without being wet or cold. From the OakRoom to the Ballroom your wedding day will be executed flawlessly. The other amazing thing is there is so much room in each of the spaces offered at the Walper that you can get a wide variety of backdrops for Family Photos, Bridal Party photos and of course photos of the two of you.

No matter what weather your wedding day throws at you, one thing we know for sure is you and your friends/family will get stunning photos without standing in the sun, the cold or the rain!

Weather Proof

Number 5

Let's take a moment to talk about getting ready, and getting ready photos. Time and time again this is always an afterthought for most couples (and that's totally okay!). You see images on Pinterest, or from your friends weddings that are so bright and airy and you just swoon over them.

Well, we are happy to say the Walper hotel makes planning a location to get ready so easy.. you just need to book one of their stunning rooms.

The rooms at the Walper are photographers dream! The feature large windows that let all that natural light just pour right in. Mostly white walls, and each room has a unique feature wall that just helps make your memories pop on camera.

The other plus is the rooms are so spacious you and your bridal party will have plenty of room to get ready and not feel cramped at all.

The Rooms (Getting Ready)

Timeless Glamour

Tailor Made Weddings

There is so much more to love about the Walper Hotel in Downtown Kitchener when thinking of a venue to host your wedding day. These are just 5 of our favorite things.

If you are planning on getting married at the Walper Hotel don't forget to get a night shot in front of the hotel, it's such a wonderful keepsake for your album!

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