Before I knew it, it was their engagement shoot time! To say the weather was perfect.. some would agree and others would tell me I am crazy. It was a cloudy day which was so nice, but in the middle of August, it was a HOT day. Rain would have been a welcomed guests for us this day, just to cool things down a little!

So armed with our walking shoes and smoke bombs we set out to find some lovely spots for photos! Yes I said smoke bombs, when I mentioned the idea to Caitlin I think she was just as excited if not more than me to add these to the engagement session. Caitlin is a creative herself and our minds just melded that day and we shared the same vision, and Mike being the amazing man that he is just let us lose to create! (Check out their wedding blog here to see the details she made for the wedding!)

The Erin Farm was the perfect backdrop to this lovely session, these two are not from the area and trusted me completely when it came to picking the place for the Engagement Photos. When you have that trust in the photographer you are working with nothing but magic happens. I do wish I warned them better about all the walking we would do, but they were total champs about it!

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couple in field holding hands couple hugging and laughing in field couple hugging in field close up of engagement ring and couple in an embrace couple in an embrace couple kissing classic couple portrait and embrance couple walking down pathway talking couple embracing in field couple sitting in grass couple forehead kiss couple with a smoke bomb kissing running through orange smoke bomb running through orange smoke bomb running through orange smoke bomb laughing couple hugging in field couple silly pose couple kissing indie smoke bomb couple couple with smoke bomb kissing

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