Cambridge Christmas Elopement

A Christmas Elopement Party Done Right!

When Kerri & Jay asked us to photography their Cambridge Christmas Elopement we were over the moon. It was like nothing we had ever done before, and the excitement was incredibly real. The goal was to throw a surprise elopement - we couldn't have been more excited! This Cambridge Christmas Elopement was untraditional, fun and the perfect way to get married.

These two are both spontaneous, and well a bit crazy (in the best way!). What really mattered to them was having a good time with the closest people in their lives. Their annual "Ugly Christmas Sweater" party was the perfect cover! These two have a deep love for the Christmas season, family, and each other.

The Elopement was hosted in their home in Cambridge with about 100 guests! Kerri and Jay started the party in their "regular" party attire. Once 10:00 PM came along, these two snuck away and changed. Kerri changed into that stunning red dress, and Jay a traditionally dapper tux (from Stars). While they changed, the officiant was sneaked into the home. Keep in mind about 90% of the guests had no idea they were about to witness a wedding!

The moment they were ready, it was time for them to make their way to the "alter". No one will ever forget the energy in the room, it was unreal. The music was changed from party tunes to a slow wedding jam and both Kerri and Jay made their grand entrance. The guests quickly changed from confused, to overwhelming joy, love, and tears. If you have never been in a room with everyone bursting with genuine love and surprise you need to experience this.

Planning Advice from the Couple:

Don't sweat it! Less people involved the better! Make sure you get videos, there is nothing better than watching the special night over and over again.

Thank you so much Kerri and Jay for having us at your unforgettable Cambridge Christmas Elopement!

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