How to choose a wedding photographer

When it comes to your wedding day, you want to assemble the best team possible to ensure your vision comes to life! But how can you choose an amazing wedding photographer that fits the two of you and the vision of your day? Today we provide some of our tips, tricks, and considerations when it comes to choosing the best wedding photographer for you!

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Choosing a wedding photographer is a big step in building not only your perfect day but also to ensure you have the right team to support you and, help create your perfect wedding and most importantly to capture those beautiful moments and keep them alive for years to come. But the question is, how do you choose the wedding photographer that is right for you?

Connection is Key

We believe first and foremost you need to connect with your chosen wedding photographer's work in some way. This is different for each couple, but it can be the style of the images, the emotion that is captured, or even what the photographer believes a wedding day should be.

Wedding photographs tell the story of your day, if you do not connect with the photographer's work do you really want them to tell your story?

Why is this important? Remember when planning your wedding, you want to choose vendors that are aligned with your vision and will help it come alive. The same goes for the photographs of your day. Choosing a photographer that isn’t aligned with you, your vision, or personal style is a recipe for memories you may not cherish as much as you should.

We are firm believers that photography should not be another check on the list or one more thing to get done. It should be enjoyable, easy, and add value to your day! We like to provide all couples with an experience that adds to the day. We also understand that not everyone wants that, and if you are like that reading this, that is perfectly okay!

For us, our mission is simple. Your photographs should be honest, real, and true to the two of you.

Some couples want wedding photographs that have elaborate setups, with studio lighting. Although that is not us, there are tons of photographers out that that live for that type of work!

Reach out to multiple photographers of different styles you enjoy. This will help greatly when it comes down to choosing a wedding photographer. But also narrowing in on what you are looking for

Never forget that one of the few (if only) things you walk away from your wedding are with the photos that tell the story of you and the events as they happened. You want this story to be documented and captured through the eyes of someone who 100% gets you! Love is hardly ever perfect and it’s those imperfect moments that are so incredibly beautiful. Throughout our time as wedding photographers, we have gained an insight into what moments are cherished, shared, and printed. We hate to break it to you, but it isn't the dress shot or the details. It's candid moments together with your other half, family, and friends together enjoying the day and celebrating the two of you.

For us, it is crucial to how we work that we meet every couple. Getting to know you, and what you are looking for is crazy important. Trust us when we say this:

Meet your photographer in some way. Be it Skype, FaceTime, Face-to-Face. You are going to be stuck with them the entire wedding day.

You may LOVE their work, but what if you do not click with them in person. Imagine spending 8+ hours with someone you do not like, and all your memories are in their hands?

Look at their Portfolio & About Pages

Don't get us wrong the details shots help tell the story of your day, they look amazing in magazines and blog posts (we love them for that). They help inspire you to plan your day. But when you are looking for a photographer, we absolutely recommend looking out for the real moments. These are the moments that you will print, will spark memories of the day, and allow you to relive it all over and over again.

Before you reach out to photographers, it’s also good to look at their portfolio and blogs of recent weddings. We recommend checking for a few things: Consistency, day & night images as well as other types of lighting situations. What you are doing here is getting a sense of what your day will look like regardless of the weather, location, or available light!

Why would you want to check for Consistency, day & night images, as well as other lighting scenarios? In our years of experience, it is very rare that your entire wedding day is going to be a magical soft natural light. Your photographer will find themselves in less than ideal lighting situations for getting ready, churches, receptions, you name it! If you do not understand what their final product will look like as the situation changes you may be in for a not so nice surprise.

You don't get a re-do of your day. Do your homework when it comes to choosing your wedding photographer.

Let's Talk About The Budget

Lastly, is the budget. Weddings can get expensive and it can happen fast! But we do recommend if you REALLY fall in love with a photographer extending the budget in this area. We have heard time and time again from friends, other couples at weddings, and in Facebook groups that this is a major regret for a lot of couples.

The photographers that are charging more typically have been in the business longer, have tons of experience with weddings and will deliver a solid, consistant product. This is not to say go with the most expensive wedding photographer in your area, but if the one you fall in love with is out of your budget we 100% recommend that you extend the budget here.

Photography is one of the FEW takeaways you will have from your day. The food will get eaten and the flowers will wilt but after all, is said and done your photos will not only be a reminder of the love you shared that special day but will also continue you to carry the memory of your day forward for generations to come.

We hope that you find these tips helpful when it comes to choosing your wedding photographer!

This article was originally written for our good friend and realtor Stephanie Catcher from the Catcher Team. If you are looking to buy or sell your home she is your gal!

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