10 Engagement Session Locations in Kitchener

Something we get asked quite frequently from couples is "Where should we do our session?". If that is you, not to worry we got you covered! Today we look at 10 Engagement Session Locations in Kitchener (and surrounding area) that are lovely for photographs.

Each location offers something a little different, and when choosing a location we work with our couples to ensure that they are picking a spot that suits the two of them. If they are shy or feel weird standing in front of a camera especially with other people around, we will look at locations that offer more privacy and are not overly busy.

Bechtel Park

Located off Bridge street in Waterloo. Bechtel Park is quickly becoming one of our favorite engagement session locations in Kitchener. This park has so much to offer from open field space to forest walks and river access.

This location is amazing no matter what time of day it is. If you are looking for earthy, nature engagement photographs we highly recommend this location!

Belmont Village

Belmont Village offers a "small town" charm in a big city! There are so many little nooks and side alleys here that are perfect for engagement sessions.

With all the little restaurants, cafes, and shops along the road, it's the perfect opportunity to turn your session into a date! From sipping coffee (or beer), to earing donuts.

Uptown Waterloo + Waterloo Park

Where to even begin with Uptown Waterloo and Waterloo Park? This location could totally get its own post because there is SO much variety here.

We have a personal loop that we take for this area, that in the summer ends with tasty gelato. This area lends itself nicely to winter engagement sessions as well, we recommend bringing a thermos of hot chocolate, and a blanket and snuggle in the park. What you can expect in this part of town is some amazingly photographic architecture, a rustic cabin, and walls covered in greenery. This area is also perfect for those longer engagement sessions where you want to change outfits.

St. Jacobs Downtown

Often overlooked downtown St. Jacobs has so much to offer when it comes to your engagement session. One of our favorite things about St. Jacobs is the shops tend to close earlier than other parts of Kitchener. So in the summer when the sunsets later, it almost feels like you have the town to yourself for photos.

During the wedding season though, we do recommend that you do your engagement photos on a weekday evening or a Sunday. The amazing wedding venue Cellar 52 will most likely be bustling with a wedding on a Saturday.

We have so many little spots that we take couples to, we do not want to give all our secrets away (unless you are one of our couples, don't worry we got you!). But we will say, prior to your shoot take a walk around and we are sure you will find many of the amazing photo locations!

Huron Natural Area

We love(ed) the Huron Natural Area. This location has so much to offer for photos, and is so beautful. We did our own engagement photos here in the winter!

Over the years though, this area and its beauty has gotten a lot of traction. So we do warn anyone wanting to photos here, especially in fall be prepared for it to be busy. From visitors doing a walk, to photographers with couples and families left and right. But do not let that stop you if you really have your heart set on this spot. It so magical year round (it does get icy in winter)!

Downtown Kitchener

Downtown Kitchener is perfect for couples wanting an edgy vibe to their photos. Are you both fans of hip coffee shops, grafitti walls, and grungy ally ways? How about Neon lights? This place is for you!

Don't let the grungy feel scare you though, downtown Kitchener photographs so beautifully.

Victoria Park

Honestly it wouldn't be a Kitchener Engagement Sessions list without Victoria Park. We love this park, in any season it just always feels alive! Like the Huron Natural Area though this park does get busy, especially in fall. We recommend doing a sunrise session here, if you are lucky you will also get amazing fog rolling on off the water during sunrise!

This park offers bridges, walkways, and lovely willow trees! We do want to mention that you do not wear shoes that you are overly attached to, but also bring something (a blanket) to sit on for sitting photos. If properly planned, you can have an amazing session here!

Wilmont Recreation Centre

I know this seems like an odd location for photos, we felt the same the first time we visited here. But the real magic of this location is the trails and forest behind the Recreation Centre! This location has so much to offer in summer, winter, and is pure magic come the fall. In our experience, we have found this place to not be overly busy when we have shot there.

The exception to this is in the fall, it does get rather busy here as it's so perfect for any type of shoot. Don't let that deter you from choosing this location however, we recommend like with any of the spots mentioned that you go ahead of your session and walk around. Not only will you get to see firsthand what its like there, but also understand how busy the location is.

Mill Race Park

Mill Race Park is perfect for any photography session (family, wedding, engagement, you name it)! This location is easy to access, and nice to walk around in. The photos will feature some lovely Cambridge Architecture as your backdrop.

The stone theatre is amazing, but also has waterside walkways. Once you are done shooting here, you can wander downtown Cambridge for some more lovely shots & coffee! We also find that this spot has its own flow that if someone else is shooting there it has never been a problem at all.

Check out Caitlin & Mike's Cambridge Mill wedding for more Mill Race inspiration.

Caitlin & Mikes Cambridge Mill Wedding

This is used by the Cambridge Mill next door for weddings, and a permit can be purchased to book the area. So be mindful of this when planning your shoot here. We suggest using this location on weekdays. Or if you really want to, you can get a permit and ensure it's blocked off for your wedding photos.

Woodside National Historic Site

Woodside National Historic Site is such a cute location and somewhat of a hidden gem in the Kitchener area. One thing to note with this location, is a permit is required to shoot here. We are not sure how enforced this is, but before planning your shoot at this location we recommend sending an email to the team just to confirm More details on the permit can be found here.

Once you have all the details worked out, this location features so really lovely trails, a historic home and lots of lovely little nooks to get some pretty magical engagement photos!

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