Westmount Golf Club Kitchener Wedding with a photoshoot on site.

What To Expect

It's so important to know what you are jumping into first to ensure we are a good fit for each other. We want the experience we give YOU to be everything YOU dreamed of and so much more.

We do things different around here

Stale and staged is overrated. Let's capture emotion!

If you are looking for a day of staged posed photos, run away now. That is not who we are, your day is so much more than that to us. We want to tell the story of you, your day and everything in between. Love is hardly ever perfect and it’s those imperfect moments that are so incredibly beautiful. That is what we capture, that is who we are at our core.

Let's focus on creating together

It's not about just "getting photos done".

We believe that getting your photo taken should feel like an honest and true conversation. Nothing forced, just real moments.


Let's face it, getting photographed can be awkward. We hear couples time and time again saying they hate being photographed, that they feel weird in front of the camera (who doesn't?). But what if we told you that it does not have to be that way. That getting your picture taken can be fun. Connecting with each and everyone of our couples is a crucial step. When we connect and have trust in each other, this is how we create our best work.
If you are simply looking for a photographer to check off your list, we are most likely not the ones for you. It's totally cool, we get it! Diving headfirst into a friendship with your photographers and working as creative team is not for everyone.
We see our job as so much more than snapping a photograph. The connection you have with your photographer (and other vendors for that matter) effects your memories of the day, and absolutely translates into your images.


Typically this is your first time getting married, we understand that navigating through all the moving parts of a wedding can be overwhelming. Joee and I have seen our fair share of weddings, and have a lot of know how when it comes to a wedding. Just like you, we want your wedding to be a stress-free experience. We have tons of tips and tricks up our sleeves from to-do's to not to-do's, vendor recommendations, and how to prepare for your wedding. We are happy to help in anyway we can, no matter how big or small.
On your wedding day you can expect us to wear many different hats for you. We will be your personal hype train, wedding partners, timeline planners and of course a supportive friend! We will meet for coffee, Skype, double dates. Whatever helps you have the best day ever!


We want photography to be so much more to you than a check on your list of wedding things to do. We understand that photography is a major investment and sometimes way out of budget. It may even be hard at this stage in the planning to really understand the value a photograph holds. Your photos are one of the very few things from your wedding that will stick around forever. Decor will get stored or sold, flowers will wilt and die, the food will all get eaten. Your photographs will be something that gets passed down from one generation to the next. The images will tell the crazy amazing love story of the two of you, and all the emotions you felt that day. The laughs, the tears and everything in between.

Break away from the traditions, and do things your way!

This only happens once, and it's your story

Time and time again, we hear things like “We should have a small wedding”, “We don’t care about the cake, we don’t even like cake” (while cake cutting images are happening). Break the tradition, and do what it is you want to do whatever that may be. Small wedding up north? Yes please! Have an ice cream truck or gelato bar instead of a cake? 100% do it! Skip out on all the pressures of a massive wedding day and just elope with close friends and family? No matter what it is, stay true to who the two of you are. We will be here to support you and help every step of the crazy journey.

Our Style

Natural & Real

We are all about getting real, honest emotions, and natural photos. Of course we will step in to tweak where you need a little guidance or help, but we do our very best to make sure you feel comfortable and can forget the camera as much as possible.

Let's do this!

We'd love to chat over a cup of coffee