Kitchener City Hall Boho Branding

La bella Daniella's "branding" shoot at Kitchener City Hall was such an amazing time. Danielle is a really good friend of mine, and has such an amazing heart and soul. When she asked us to do photos for her to celebrate and remember her success with her first ever fitness competition, we were nervous. This was also to commemorate her upcoming birthday, she really wanted photos to remember this time in her life.

Danielle is also an incredibly talented Newborn, family, and lifestyle photographer ( She is also a huge inspiration to us, so being able to take some lovely memories for her was a real honour. As you know Joee & I really value being authentically you and this girl eat, sleeps and breaths this.

When it came to picking a location, and what to wear we suggested Kitchener City Hall and Downtown. I am so happy that Danielle trusted in our vision, because most give us a weird look when we suggest Kitchener City Hall for a Boho branding session. That location has this little nook with plants, and a giant pane window, basically photo magic.

"Relinquish control and love yourself."

Danielle - When asked for advice to others when planning a shoot

The story and theme behind this entire shoot was about self love, and fun. To say that we fully planned this shoot would be a lie, we met for coffee knowing we wanted to do photos. She brought a mishmash of clothing items and we went from there. We knew and stand behind the message we wanted to share: Love yourself, live your life, and just be happy!

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