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We are all about keeping it real and unscripted.

Wedding & Elopement Photographers based out of kitchener Ontario.

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Our Mission

Your wedding photographs should be honest, real and true to the two of you. Wedding photography should not be one more thing to get done. It should be fun and add to your memories of the day.

We specialize in Elopements & weddings

Our core values: Connection, Help, and Purpose are what guide us in all that we do. If you are ready to create moments, memories, and have fun we are the photographers for you!

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Deep down we all know we are awkward.

Embrace It!

100% of our couples have all told us they are awkward in front of the camera.

Trust us when we say, EMBRACE IT. We are masters when it comes to this, and will be with you every step of the way.

We believe getting your photo taken should feel like an honest and true conversation. Like the ones you have with each other.

Who is who?

Honestly, we get asked this all the time.

So now you know who is who!



Joee is the master of candid and keeps us on track with the much needed organization of the day. One of his special skills is herding family members (trust us, they will wander), and noticing little details (think hair out of place, he's got you).

The master of the sniper candid shot, sassy, spontaneous and a lover of all things butter tart! His sappiness and love for love has no bounds. Glowing with positivity and happiness and can turn any situation into something you’ll treasure. Defiantly someone you’ll want to have around on your special day.



Tyler is the master of poses, finding the perfect light, and getting those images you and the entire family will decorate the walls with for years to come. Tyler will effortlessly make you feel like a model in front of the camera, and help guide you through the amazing adventure of your wedding day!

Firm believer that donuts and sweets are a love language. Sweet, Kind and can talk for hours about his fur babies if you’ll let him. The type of person your mom will absolutely love.

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Let's face it, getting photographed is awkward. Seriously, it can feel like you're a deer in headlights when you stand in front of the camera. But what if we told you that it doesn't have to be that way, that getting your photo taken can actually be a lot of fun! We are masters when it comes to the subtle art of helping you let your guard down, relax and live in the moments happening all around you.

To do this though, we see our job as so much more than snapping a photograph. We get to know you, and connect in a way that builds not only trust, but a friendship. This connection is so key to have with your photographer (well all your vendors for that matter) as it 100% affects your memories of the day, and absolutely translates into your images.

Wedding photography is so much more than another check on your wedding to-do list.

No matter how you put it, at the end of the day these images will tell the crazy amazing love story of you two, and all the emotions you felt that day. From the laughs, the tears, and all the moments in between.

It's with this in mind that we set out to capture a story, with meaning and purpose not just photos.

We will give you images that will be passed down for generations to come. Moments that your kids can look back at and will feel like they are apart of the day.

We know that navigating through all the moving parts of planning and throwing a wedding can sometimes become a lot. We have seen our fair share of weddings, and have a world of knowledge to offer when it comes to planning, picking vendors, timelines and just overall having an amazing wedding day!

Like you, we want your wedding to be a stress-free experience. We are not just here for the photographs, we are available for the two of you every step of the way from to-do's and well not to-do's, vendor recommendations (we have some killer biz friends), to overall tips on preparing for your wedding.

We strive to help in anyway we can, no matter how big or small.

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