I love working with Krysta and Dan so much! So I leaped at the opportunity to photograph them again prior to the wedding.  One of the things I love so much about these two is they trust my vision. Because let’s face it, us photographers can seem pretty silly in the way we pose and direct our couples.  But also being on the other side of the camera can feel silly as well.  I tell all couples that I work with to embrace the awkward, the silly and to just have fun!

The feeling these two wanted for with this session was a laid back, relaxed, “Walk in the Park” vibe.  As you scroll through get lost in the laughs and the crazy amounts of love!  As amazing as St Jacobs is, at the end we decided not to use this for their wedding photos.  When thinking of a location for your wedding day photos there is a few things you want to keep in mind: Is it easy to access, will it be super busy, and do you want to trek there with the wedding party in your dress?

These are by no means golden rules, it’s just the questions I ask couples when they are deciding on a location.  Because yes this location is AMAZING, and relatively close to the venue it just was not nice to the wedding day timeline.  Also the type of light we would have had at the time on wedding day did not lend itself to creating the magic like you see below.

All in all, this engagement session is still one of my favorites!

Are you engaged?  Have questions on locations for photos?  Let’s chat!

couple in the woods walking couple holding hands couple looking at each other couple walking in the woods couple laughing couple against stone wall couple hugging in front of stone wall couple looking at each other couple in field laughing couple in field hugging couple in field kissing couple in field laughing couple in field at sunset holding hands couple holding hands in a field couple hugging on pathway couple on train tracks together couple on train tracks looking into the distance couple holding hands walking on train tracks couple holding hands walking on train tracks


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