VENUE: Chicopee

DATE: August 5th, 2018

Let's talk vegan weddings for a moment here. Did you just roll your eyes? I remember when Marta first told me her entire wedding was going to be vegan I (sorry in advance Marta) thought to myself that I need to bring food and map out the closest take-out place to the venue.

As I was thinking this, she then followed up by saying that her and Dan where making all the food themselves with their own recipes!

I was in disbelief when she was telling me, how could they plan a wedding and cook all the food? I am not sure how these two not only pulled it off, the food was so tasty, but wait till you see the pictures. Yes friends, THEY MADE THAT! I can honestly say I did not get take-out after, and both Joee and myself left raving about the food!

Now onto Mara + Dan and their Chicopee wedding! They had the ceremony at the lovely Waterloo Of Regional Police Association (you can also host receptions there). The wedding was officiated by Rev. Trudy Bricker (she is a magical lady and I recommend her to everyone looking for an officiant! The reception took place at Chicopee, and the food/decorations and other reception items where created/made by Marta and Dan (and what ever army I assume they mustered up to get all of that work done).

I had all the feels this day, as Marta's parents and family flew in from Poland for the big day. Every moment was cherished, the love that all the family and friends shared during speeches had everyone laughing, crying and at times laughing and crying at the same time. So scroll away, and enjoy looking at some of the highlights from Marta + Dan: Chicopee Wedding.

kitchener chicopee wedding

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