Rainy Wedding Back Up Plan

Very few couples picture their wedding day taking place in the midst of a torrential downpour. But let's face it, rain happens even in the driest of climates! It is incredibly important you've got a backup plan, just incase the rain decides to crash your big day. Today we give you 7 rainy wedding back up plan tips to help you!

Take it from us, it rained for 90% of our 2019 weddings. We are self proclaimed experts when it comes to having a rainy day wedding!

7 tips for putting together your own (waterproof) wet weather backup plan

1 - Find backup locations

If you’re planning on an outdoor ceremony or reception, having a sheltered/covered back up spot is required. The last thing you want to be doing on your big day is stressing over guests getting wet. Or you can be a total boss and stick to your plan and get married in the rain like Erin & Graham did! Having a tent or covered area is just generally a good idea rain or shine. Your guests will be so grateful to be able to get out of the blazing heat!

Picking a venue with an indoor/outdoor spot that can accommodate/be switched into a ceremony spot makes this step easy!

NOTE *If you hire a tent, make sure to pitch it at a high point on the property, so that rain will roll AWAY from the tent, and not INTO it!*

The Special Events Centre | Wedding Tent Sunset

 2 - Write it all down

We talk about this in our Ultimate Wedding Timeline Guide, WRITE IT DOWN! Imaging trying to coordinate all the last minute changes to your guests, vendors, planners... What a headache that will be! Having all this written down takes this stress away from you. If it decides to rain, you can sit back and relax knowing that everyone is on the same page as you.

We have seen this added to wedding programs or invitations (mostly when the change is an entirely different location). Do not forget to include clear directions as well as allowances for the change in travel time & schedule just in case.

3 - Have Umbrellas Handy

We always recommend having clear umbrellas ready for the two of you and your bridal party. Especially when it comes time for couple and bridal party photos. We find the clear umbrellas are great for creative and unique photos!

We had a lot of couples worried about our gear (bless you all!) when it came to rain. Let's set the record straight unless it's torrential down pour we are so onboard for running in the rain with everyone!

We have even seen couples have a lot of fun with the rain and don a pair of rain boots to give the photos more character. Do not forget if your day is covered in grey skies and rain to HAVE FUN! It is all apart of your love story and will create amazing memories.

Pine Creek Acres Niagara Barn

4 - Appoint a backup plan organizer

This ties into tip #2. DO NOT try to do this yourself, we repeat DO NOT DO THIS YOURSELF!

If your backup plan needs to be actioned, know who will be in charge of rolling it out. This can be a friend, family member, day of coordinator, wedding planner, even the venue staff. Just be sure they have the plan and know ahead of time. Knowing that someone else is in charge of this, rain or shine you can wake up on your wedding day with no worries at all!

5 - Decide on a Wet Weather Cut-Off

Discuss with your fiance months ahead of time to decide just how bad it needs to be before you’re willing to take before moving your wedding indoors. Once you have settled on the cut-off note this in your plan.

We also suggest that you include this in your notes/timelines for vendors. Although not required, it is a really nice to have. It will also help your wedding day team prepare/begin necessary change as soon as possible on the actual day.

6 - Draw up a Separate “Rainy Day” timeline

Changes in locations & setup will affect your timeline. This even applies when you are staying at the same location (moving to an indoor section, tent, or covered area).

If your reception is at a different location, you will want to ask the reception venue if guests can enter early if the weather is less than ideal. When it's wet and cold no one wants to be standing outside for a lengthy cocktail hour. The last thing you will want to be thinking about is guests outside shivering as they wait to be let into the reception area.

7 - Embrace the Rain

At the end of the day, your wedding is about celebrating with the people you love and love you back. It's not about hosting the "perfect" event. This last tip is a proven one. Even the best laid plans can fall apart, and that sneaky feeling of being overwhelmed can quickly set in. If you just let go, and live in the moment you will create amazing memories and have the best experience. Out of all the our Rainy Wedding Backup Plan tips, this one is honestly our favourite!

Kissing in the rain | Rainy wedding photo ideas | Hanover Wedding

You cannot change the weather, but you can take it for what it is and not let it "rain" on your parade. Who cares if your dress gets dirty, our your shoes get wet!

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