Date: July 27, 2018
Venue: Block Three Brewing
Location: St. Jacobs

Tawnya + Jonathan's St. Jacobs elopement was everything. Their wedding was filled with so much love, appreciation for each other and support by friends and family. I know this can be said about a lot of weddings, but in all my time shooting weddings, I have never experienced something as magical as theirs.

When Tawnya first sent me a google map aerial of where the ceremony was going to take place, my first thought was "Oh man, this is a parking lot...". But she picked a truly special location, so word of advice to all brides to be out there: Trust in your vision for the ceremony, it does not matter where it happens as long as it is special to you and your other half. I will let the photos show you how wonderful this little nook at the back of the block three brewery parking lot really was. But I also recommend more couples check it out, who knows you may fall in love with it!

The Ceremony

I'd like to start off by saying I'm not crying you are. There was not a dry eye during this ceremony. From the moment Tawyna walked around the corner and Jonathan first saw her, he was overcome with so much emotion that there were tears, laughing, laughing whilst try to brush tears away. Tawnya + Jonathan's ceremony was a celebration of not only the two of them, but the blending of their two families. The importance of this clearly showed as the kids were included in several parts. Instead of a Sand Ceremony they did a candy version (everyone, do this because CANDY!) and the officiant talked about the blending of the families and really made the kids feel apart of it. Then the Scottish Knot Ceremony, where both families came together.

When Tawnya and Jonathan exchanged their vows, that became a tear-jerker for me. I even turned to Joee at one point and said: "I'm not crying, you are!". A big congratulations go out to these two and thank you again for having us along to capture all the love that was this very special moment in your history together!

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