Waterford Engagement at Austin’s Pick Your Own Farm

Apple Orchards, barns, adventure with a lot of love

Shelby & Ricky have been coming to us for photos for a long time. When they got engaged and reached out for wedding photos, to say we were excited for the two of them was an understatement! These two had a perfect evening in Waterford at Austin’s Pick Your Own Farm for their engagement session. This is seriously an amazing spot to get photos done, if you are wanting your Waterford Engagement photos here, we highly suggest reaching out to them!

Country music is the beat their two wild hearts dance to. How much love they have for each other is so infectious. Ricky (who hates getting photographed) was cracking jokes all while making sure Shelby was having the best time ever. Every time we work with these two, we typically leave with sore cheeks from all the laughs (we take no credit, it’s all Ricky).

So when it came to picking a location, Shelby ran with it and did not disappoint. Austins Pick Your Own farm is quite an amazing spot, and we had free reign to wander, laugh, and capture all the love! In all honesty though, how could you not have an amazing time dancing in apple orchards, and sitting on hay bales? However I think the Apply Orchard will forever be our favorite spot, we put on their first dance song and just let them have a moment together singing and dancing in alone in a field.

We are all so excited for their wedding day, and I am pretty sure that day will be filled with tears not just from them but us as well.